About Instarium

Do not see the photos taken with "Instagram"?

This is a Web viewer and screensaver of the Mobile App "Instagram".
In order to take advantage of all features, your PC must have the latest FlashPlayer plug-in is installed.

Production and operation of the @kamipoo_ Instarium will have performed.
Of this development, the maintenance is taking the cost of generation time and the server, such as moderate.
If you have purchased a Instarium Screensaver If you like the Instarium, I'm very happy.

  • *Even if it buys it, there is no change in function and Screensaver to download from the website.

Update History

Apr. 10, 2012
  • Fixed a bug in the screensaver.

    If you have to set the User or Tag, I've found a bug does not appear correctly.
    Fixed a bug, and it is operating normally.

* Persons who are already install the screensaver is not necessary for you to download the screensaver again.

Apr. 3, 2012
  • Add a user's page.

    In addition to to see the photo, you can follow or un-follow for that user. (Only if you are logged in)
    You can set the propriety of publishing this page for people who are not logged in to Instarium.

  • Add a photo detail page.

    You can open the detail page Click on the photo.
    In addition to looking at Liked and Comments, you can post them.

  • Add the type of photo that can be displayed in the screensaver.

    In addition to the type of until now, you can select a User Photo.

  • Add Website settings.

    You can display and set up your account.
    You can click the "gear" icon in the upper right Web site, configure the settings.

  • We decided to sell the Instarium Screensaver as Donationware.

    I hope if you liked the Instarium and can be purchased from gumroad.
    * There is no change in screen saver and enjoy features such as downloaded from the website even if you have purchased.

Jan. 1, 2012
  • Add a tag search.

  • Add to keep logged in.

  • Add the type of photo that can be displayed in the screensaver.

    In addition to the Popular, you can select Feed, Yours, Liked, and Tag.

Mar. 6, 2011

Launch Instarium.

Launch a Web viewer and screensaver Instarium of Instagram. Let's use!